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NewsUK Readying Plans For More Charging and Smart Charge Grid

UK Readying Plans For More Charging and Smart Charge Grid

EV charging needs to be as ubiquitous as the kettle

  • New plans would boost the number of chargers to help boost sales

  • Would assist rental, rural, and small business owners

The UK will be getting more electric car charging points in a hurry, the government has announced. The minister of transport said that legislation was coming that would expand an incentive fund to install more plugs in more places including homes, workplaces, and tourist destinations.

Currently, only around 25,000 public charging points exist in the UK (via The Telegraph). That simply isn’t enough if the country hopes to ban the sale of new gas and diesel vehicles in 2030, at least not if drivers are expected to be able to charge.

Another government agency found that even in the small country, range anxiety was one of the biggest issues keeping drivers out of an EV. The government announced plans to change that.

All new homes were mandated to come with a charge point from 2019, with new office blocks required to have one plug for every five parking spaces. Now they will also be required to have smart technology, rather than a simple plug, allowing the EV grid to work with the power grid to ensure that large charging surges don’t affect the power grid of the country.

The Competition and Market Authority estimated that around 10 times more charges would be needed to allow for significant numbers of electric cars. EV sales still significantly trail gas cars but have recently caught up with sales of new diesel vehicles.

The government has grants for workplace, residential, and on-street EV charging. It says that it will also be working to support small businesses like Bed and Breakfasts and to support leaseholders and those in rental housing to add EV charging.



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