Saturday, May 28, 2022
News Unplugged Performance Teams Up with Koenigsegg for Carbon Tesla Parts

Unplugged Performance Teams Up with Koenigsegg for Carbon Tesla Parts

Add Koenigsegg bits to your Tesla

  • Unplugged will sell wings and fenders made by Koenigsegg

  • Will use same carbon fibre Koenigsegg uses on its hypercars

Is it a stretch to call this the first Koenigsegg electric vehicle? Ok, maybe it is, but this collaboration between Unplugged Performance and hypercar builder Koenigsegg to manufacture carbon fibre parts for the entire Tesla line is still undeniably cool.

The collaboration is called UP x KAM, a reference to Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing. Unplugged, which has offered cosmetic and performance upgrades for Tesla models since 2013, says the partnership started last year, but the two parties kept it under wraps. Now it’s out in the public because some of the coolest parts are now available to order.

Unplugged says that the UP x KAM carbon fibre parts are made using Koenigsegg’s proprietary carbon fibre weave, precision-cut to size, and then hand-assembled. They’re made using the same materials as Koenigsegg’s hypercars and by the same people on the same production line.

“Koenigsegg is an iconoclastic global leader in innovation and Hypercar grade manufacturing. They also happen to share our ideals of balancing sustainability and driving excitement in harmony. The future of car enthusiast culture depends on embracing the best of craftsmanship, the best of technology, and never losing sight of creating cars that we love to drive. Together with Koenigsegg we want to excite Tesla owners and to contribute towards an exciting electric future for the car culture we love,” said Unplugged CEO Ben Schaffer.

The initial parts release includes a dry carbon Tesla Model 3 trunk spoiler, offered in high efficiency and high downforce trims, a wide fender set for Model 3, and spoilers for Model S, X, and Y vehicles.

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