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NewsUpcoming Euro 7 Regulation Will Include Limitations to Particulate Emissions from Brake...

Upcoming Euro 7 Regulation Will Include Limitations to Particulate Emissions from Brake Pads

Toxic nanoparticles from braking components are harmful and will be addressed for the first time in the Euro 7 regulation

  • The latest regulations will also focus on reducing nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides emitted by cars.

  • Tires and brake components are under scrutiny for their non-exhaust particulate matter.

Emission regulations have long addressed pollutants emitted by cars such as nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides. As Euro Emissions look the to present and future, legislation will include particulate matter produced by brake pads.

Electric Vehicles could Create More Pollution than Gasoline Powered Vehicles due to their Tires

Like tires, friction between surfaces creates ultra-fine particles that can be ingested by people resulting in numerous health issues such as respiratory issues and increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease according to Euractiv.

“Based on the latest evidence, [upcoming legislation] will consider the need to limit the emissions of PM2.5 and nanoparticles from all types of combustion engines and from brakes in conventional and electric vehicles alike,” the plan states.

Obviously, unlike tailpipe emissions, brake pads are used in all types of cars no matter the powertrain. Solutions currently exist to limit brake particulate emissions by a considerable amount however may not be ready for mass production just yet. One such idea is a system that sucks brake pad dust through a filter before being released.

The Euro 7 regulation was expected in late 2021. They are now set to be introduced this July.


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