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NewsV2H Technology Will Soon Be Available On Every EV From GM

V2H Technology Will Soon Be Available On Every EV From GM

  • The technology will first be offered in the Chevrolet Silverado EV RST 2024.

  • Two-way charging will be made available on other GM EVs by 2026.

  • This option will enable owners to save on electricity rates.


General Motors’ electric push will soon be joined by a V2H (Vehicle To Home) charging option. In other words, future electric vehicles based on the Ultium platform dedicated to electric propulsion will be available with this bi-directional charging capability, enabling precious energy to be delivered to any home equipped with this charging device.

In fact, buyers of the Chevrolet Silverado EV pickup will be the first amongst GM customers to benefit from this, although the option is reserved for the most expensive RST livery for now. And if the American truck sets the ball rolling for GM, the automaker promises to offer this two-way option on all its EVs by 2026.

At this time, it’s impossible to know the price of this option, but GM has indicated that the supplement won’t be very high compared with a standard charger offering the same capacity.

This trick will come in handy for consumers wishing to store energy and use it during peak periods, or even to continue enjoying the peace of mind of relying on electric power during blackouts.

GM is not alone in offering this option of using a vehicle to charge a building or any other electrical appliance requiring a power source. Ford, for example, has grafted this two-way technology onto its F-150 Lightning pickup, and the Hyundai group is also among the players involved. The manufacturer with the largest market share in the electric segment, Tesla, has also confirmed that by 2025, its vehicles will be available with this two-way capability.



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