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NewsVideo Shows Lucid Air Charging at 29 km (18 miles) Per Minute

Video Shows Lucid Air Charging at 29 km (18 miles) Per Minute

Lucid Air gets juiced at Electrify America

The first Lucid Air cars are getting into customer hands, and that lets us learn a little bit more about har the cars behave in the real world. For example, this video that shows an Air Dream Edition fast charging at an Electrify America charging station at an impressive 251 kW max.

Video of the charge session comes from owner Tesla2Lucid (via InsideEVs). Three video clips were taken from the station, one showing the car plugged in with a bit of a walkaround, one the summary of charging included, and, the third, a clip of the app showing the actual charging data for the vehicle while on the fast charger.

The car saw a peak charging value of 251 kW at around one-fifth of max charge, with the number fluctuating between 245 and 251. The overall average for the session was 160 kW, taking on 80 kWh in 31 minutes. Lucid has previously mentioned 300 kW max charging from the Air, along with 900V charging but rather than an outright max speed, the company says “up to 350 kilometers (217 miles), delivered in as little as 15 minutes.”

The peak 251 kW charge shows as 18 miles (29 km) per minute, which would mean 435 km (270 miles) in 15 minutes. For reference, a Tesla Model S Plaid at a V3 supercharger should be able to add 301 km (187 miles) in 15 minutes, though that isn’t entirely an apples to apples comparison as neither can maintain peak charging speeds for such a large window

We look forward to seeing more details of the Lucid Air and its ability to charge, and to be able to get better comparisons with Tesla as well as rivals like the Porsche Taycan.



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