Sunday, March 26, 2023
News VinFast and CATL will Work Together on EV Technology

VinFast and CATL will Work Together on EV Technology

VinFast and CATL will collaborate on future EVs that use a Skateboard platform developed by the battery manufacturer.

  • CATL is a large supplier of batteries for electric vehicles.

  • VinFast and CATL will work together to develop vehicles using a skateboard chassis.

  • This could make more affordable EVs profitable for the automaker via cost reduction.

Battery producer CATL and Vietnamese automaker VinFast have announced a partnership that will see both companies working together on electric vehicles that use a skateboard chassis engineered by CATL.

The two companies were already working together for the manufacture of battery packs but this new memorandum of understanding will see the collaboration extended to the development of entire vehicles.

The skateboard chassis conceived by CATL integrates the battery, the electric motors, and the powertrain’s other necessary components into a flat slab on which the rest of the vehicle can be built.

According to both companies, this can lead to a more efficient powertrain, more interior space and a lower purchase cost.

This last element could mean a more affordable VinFast electric model will be added in the coming years.

Indeed, teaming up with CATL will allow the automaker to reduce its production costs, which would make a less expensive model as profitable to build as its larger vehicles.

Furthermore, using a skateboard platform makes it easier and cheaper to develop new vehicles since the most complex parts (the powertrain and the chassis) are shared with other models in the lineup instead of being unique to every vehicle.

VinFast is not the only company to believe in this type of platform for electric vehicles since General Motors, Rivian, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Hyundai are all currently using their own version of this concept in some of their electric vehicles.

The automaker has not confirmed any new models, but it said that the collaboration with CATL will allow it to enter new markets, increase the electric range and the safety of its vehicles, as well as making advances in the field of driver assistance features.

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