Sunday, August 14, 2022
News VinFast Partners with ProLogium Technology

VinFast Partners with ProLogium Technology

VinFast and ProLogium Technology will work together to develop solid-state batteries.

New player VinFast has been moving fast for a few months. The Vietnamese manufacturer, in addition to preparing its North American offensive, has just announced a partnership with Taiwanese company ProLogium Technology, a startup that is developing solid-state battery technology.

The agreement between VinFast and ProLogium Technology involves, of course, the development of the technology, but also an investment of “tens of millions of dollars” according to the official release.

The agreement between VinFast and ProLogium Technology also calls for the latter to supply VinFast with its solid-state batteries starting in 2024, the new batteries that would be destined for VinFast’s next generation of vehicles. In addition to the ProLogium Technology plant, the agreement signed between the two parties could even turn into a consortium for a solid-state battery production plant in Viet Nam.

With this agreement, VinFast ensures that it will not be dependent on the global supply chain, which has been experiencing failures since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. VinFast also wants to control quality rather than aim for a quantity approach.

Note that ProLogium Technology already has an agreement with Mercedes-Benz, the latter of which is even planning to build a factory for the production of these famous solid-state batteries early next year.

They said:

“VinFast has been focused on investing and building strategic partnerships with key industry companies and leading technology companies to quickly capture and apply technologies for smart and sustainable mobility solutions…ProLogium is one of our key partners, helping VinFast to quickly master the supply of solid-state batteries while continuing to deliver EV products with advanced battery technology for a more enjoyable and safer driving experience. ” said Le Thi Thu Thuy, vice president of Vingroup and general manager of VinFast Global.

“Together, ProLogium and VinFast will unveil smart electric vehicles powered by our market-leading, next-generation solid-state battery technologies […] We are a major player in battery technology with proven manufacturing capabilities and aim to become a leading driver for a sustainable world through high-performance, safe and affordable technologies. We share this vision with our new partner, and together we will become a powerful force in delivering a better and safer driving experience,” added ProLogium Technology CEO and President Vincent Yang.

30 showrooms in California

VinFast also confirmed that it will open its first-ever dealership in California next week, with the automaker planning no fewer than 30 locations at the time of writing. The first municipalities chosen for the showrooms are Santa Monica, San Diego, San Mateo, Corte Madera, Commerce and Berkeley. All six locations are scheduled to open on July 14.

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