Saturday, September 23, 2023
News VinFast Unveils the VF 3: An Affordable, Compact Electric Marvel Redefining City...

VinFast Unveils the VF 3: An Affordable, Compact Electric Marvel Redefining City Travel

  • VinFast launches VF 3, a compact, electric vehicle targeting Vietnamese urban commuters.

  • VF 3, featuring a minimalist design, smart features, and comfortable seating for five.

  • Registration starts September 2023, positioning VF 3 to popularize electric vehicles in Vietnam.

VinFast has launched its newest offering, the VF 3, aimed squarely at urban Vietnamese commuters seeking an affordable, green transport solution. Retaining the hallmark bird-wing logo, the mini car model aims to revolutionize city travel with its compact size and electric capabilities.

Measuring 3,114 mm in length, the VF 3 is a testament to VinFast’s emphasis on practicality and efficiency. This mini car, the first in its lineup, sports two doors and comfortably seats five, providing ample space despite its compact exterior. With 16″ wheels, it showcases a high ground clearance, easily navigating various terrain conditions, making it an ideal choice for the urban jungle.

The VF 3’s design stands out with its bold geometric lines and prominent ribs that stretch from front to back. The signature square headlights, rearview mirror, and stylized V-shaped bird logo enhance its dynamic visual impact. In line with its aim to be a car for everyone, it will be available in multiple colour options to suit varying tastes.

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Inside, the VF 3 stays true to minimalistic design principles, maximizing space and comfort for its passengers. It comes equipped with basic smart features that ensure a convenient and comfortable journey.

Powering the VF 3 is an electric motor coupled with a battery that offers an impressive range, matching the daily usage habits of most Vietnamese consumers. Two versions, the Eco and Plus, will be offered, both priced to maximize accessibility.

VinFast plans to start accepting registrations for the VF 3 in September 2023, with deliveries set for the third quarter of 2024. Offering zero emissions, noiseless operation, and a strong emphasis on safety, the VF 3 is poised to become a popular choice among Vietnamese commuters, pushing the country towards broader adoption of electric vehicles.

VinFast VF 3 | Photo: VinFast

VinFast VF 3 | Photo: VinFast

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