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News VinFast VF9 Electric SUV Offers Range of Up to 530 Kilometers, Starting...

VinFast VF9 Electric SUV Offers Range of Up to 530 Kilometers, Starting at $83,000 USD

VinFast lifts the veil on the VF9 electric SUV technical figures, featuring a range of up to 530 kilometers and a starting price of $83,000 USD.


  • VinFast offers more details of its VF9 electric SUV series, including its 530 kilometers of range.

  • Pricing starts at $83,000 USD for the Eco trim and $91,000 USD for the Plus trim.

  • VF9 features advanced dual-motor powertrain, ADAS, and innovative Smart Services applications.


VinFast, the Vietnamese automaker, proudly lifts the veil on technical data regarding its VF9 three-row electric SUV. The VF9 showcases impressive range capabilities, delivering up to 530 kilometers in the Eco version and up to 468 kilometers in the Plus variant. This underscores VinFast’s commitment to surpassing initial estimates and enhancing electric vehicle capabilities.

VinFast VF9 | Photo: Olivier Delorme

VinFast faces a challenging landscape with its pricing strategy for the VF9. The Eco trim begins at a substantial $83,000 USD, while the Plus trim starts at $91,000 USD, presenting a significant hurdle for newcomers. VinFast’s CEO, Le Thi Thu Thuy, emphasizes the brand’s determination to deliver perceived value through premium products, albeit with pricing that could raise skepticism. The VF9’s impressive range of 530 kilometers, while admirable, may still require robust justification to appeal to a wider audience and substantiate its claim of globally competitive electric vehicles.

VinFast VF9 | Photo: Olivier Delorme

Beneath its sleek exterior, the VinFast VF9 hosts a dual-motor electric powertrain generating an impressive 402 horsepower, complemented by a peak torque of 457 pound-feet. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds, this powertrain’s prowess is complemented by a 123-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The battery system enables swift charging, achieving a 10 to 70 percent charge in a mere 35 minutes using a fast charger.

VinFast VF9 | Photo: Olivier Delorme

The VF9 incorporates advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), encompassing features like Highway Assist Level 2 driving assistance, Blind Spot Detection, Smart Parking Assist, and Smart Summon Mode. A suite of intelligent utility and entertainment applications, collectively referred to as Smart Services, undergoes continuous enhancements through over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

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Collaborating with Pininfarina, the VF9’s design merges aerodynamic efficiency with contemporary aesthetics. The interior exudes modernity, highlighted by a customizable 15.6-inch touch screen, ambient lighting, advanced technologies, and cruelty-free vegan leather.

VinFast VF8 | Photo: Benoit Charette

VinFast also introduces a unique warranty for the VF9 in the U.S., providing 10 years or 200,000 kilometers for the vehicle and an unprecedented 10 years of unlimited mileage for the battery. This resolute commitment underscores VinFast’s unwavering confidence in the reliability of its electric vehicle technology. Additionally, VinFast extends mobile repair and rescue service throughout the warranty period, reaffirming its steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and support.


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