Tuesday, February 7, 2023
News Volkswagen and Huawei to Work Together on Autonomous Driving Tech

Volkswagen and Huawei to Work Together on Autonomous Driving Tech

Volkswagen will borrow its sel-driving tech from Huawei

  • Huawei will supply VW with its self-driving technology

  • Both companies have worked together before since Huawei makes the 4G tech used in Volkswagen vehicles

  • Huawei is licensing its self-driving tech to over 100 companies

Volkswagen and Huawei have announced a joint venture in which the Chinese tech company will supply the German automaker with its self-driving software.

Volkswagen will be the controlling party in this joint venture on which it will rely to introduce autonomous driving technologies that can compete with similar systems offered by rival automakers for some time already.

Huawei will also provide some of its senior staff members to Volkswagen who will work on adapting the technology to the automaker’s vehicles and to refine it further.

Both companies have already been working together since July because Huawei licensed Volkswagen to use its patents to add 4G connectivity to some of its products.

The Chinese company has recently made a big push in the automobile industry since it wants to become a key partner to many car companies by supplying them with its expertise in the communications industry and autonomous driving.

Huawei has already entered licensing agreements with over 100 companies, only regarding its self-driving technology.

Despite this desire to become a major player in the automotive business, Huawei has confirmed it doesn’t intend to make cars by itself, preferring to team up with established companies instead.

Huawei also partnered with Hozon Auto, a Chinese car company, back in August. The tech company will provide its expertise on the internet of things, big data and cloud computing to the automaker.

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