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NewsVolkswagen Announces MEB+, Bringing Longer Ranges and Faster Charging

Volkswagen Announces MEB+, Bringing Longer Ranges and Faster Charging

VW works to advance its EVs

  • VW Group continues to work on its electric platform

  • 10 more VW-badged EVs expected by 2026

Volkswagen has sold nearly 700,000 electric vehicles built on its MEB electric platform. Now the automaker is continuing to develop the architecture with what it calls MEB+. A substantial investment to make sure the platform is ready for the quickly-changing world of EVs.

VW actually started from its Modular Cross-Sectional Toolkit in developing the MEB platform. That architecture, known as MQB, is used for a range of Volkswagen group vehicles from small sedans to large SUVs.

With MEB+, Volkswagen expects to be able to add its new generation of batteries and enable electric ranges up to 700 km. VW calls it a unit cell and has said that it will allow flexible use of different cell chemistries. Prices are expected to be cut in half with the new design.

Charging times will accelerate as well, with 175-200 kW charge rates available. Currently, MEB supports charge speeds up to 135 kW.

Of course there will be more models, including 10 new Volkswagen-branded EVs by 2026. That’s just a year after the unit cell factory is set to open in Salzgitter. One of the ten will be an “entry-level” model, which VW expects to sell for around 25,000 euros. Taking into account the conversion and Europe’s tax-in pricing and that equates to around $30,000 Canadian or $22,000 US.

VW said performance and premium-segment EVS will also be coming as part of the platform improvements.



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