Monday, December 6, 2021
News Volkswagen Announces Two Recalls, One of Which Only Affects a Single Vehicle

Volkswagen Announces Two Recalls, One of Which Only Affects a Single Vehicle

Volkswagen will recall 1,286 vehicles in two seperate campaigns, one involving only a single unit

  • 1 ID.4 could have a problem with its drive bushing

  • 1,285 Tiguan models could leak brake fluid

  • Other companies also have had to issue many recalls recently

Volkswagen is issuing two new recalls that affect its ID.4 electric SUV and the Tiguan midsize SUV.

The first recall only applies to a single unit of the ID.4. The affected vehicle was built on March 11 of this year and it could have been built without a drive bushing, or with an improperly assembled one.

Since recalls usually follow multiple customer complaints about the same issue, it is very rare that a single vehicle is targeted by a recall, but it has been done before.

This problem will manifest itself by making loud noises when turning at low speeds. If it is not attended to, this issue could cause the steering support to fail and jam the entire system, which could lead to a serious accident.

The unfortunate owner will be notified by December 31 and the dealership will replace the vehicle’s steering gear free of charge.

2022 Volkswagen Tiguan | Photo: Daniel Rufiange

The second recall will see 1,285 units of the Tiguan SUV return to dealers across the United States to fix an issue with the brakes.

These 2022 Tiguans that were built between September 6 and October 8 could have been assembled with an improperly tightened nut on the right front brake caliper.

This could cause a brake fluid leak, which can reduce the braking performance and extend the distance needed to stop the vehicle. Drivers would not be aware of the problem before the brake warning light illuminates, after a significant amount of fluid has already leaked.

Dealers will inspect the vehicles and tighten the appropriate brake pipe nut if it is found to be loose when drivers bring their car after having received a notice in the mail.

There hasn’t been a similar recall announced for Canada yet, but since the Tiguan models sold on either side of the border are identical, some Canadian market units could also be affected.

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