Wednesday, May 18, 2022
News Volkswagen Believes its Too Early to Abandon Combustion Engines

Volkswagen Believes its Too Early to Abandon Combustion Engines

Volkswagen Group doesn't believe it is time to fully commit to electric vehicles yet.

  • Volkswagen’s CEO said that the manufacturing and the support infrastructure are not ready for the switch to EVs

  • The automaker still wants to be the number 1 seller of EVs by 2025

  • Volkswagen says the customer demand for EVs is very high and it expects it to increase

In a recent press conference, Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, said that he believes it is way too soon to concentrate only on electric vehicles.

This comes as a bit of a surprise since most automakers are announcing plans to abandon combustion engines and become entirely electric by the end of the decade or shortly after.

Volkswagen justifies this position by claiming that the manufacturing processes and the support infrastructure are not yet ready to face a large influx of electric vehicles.

The automaker believes that it will take massive investments over the next few years in order to prepare for a more complete EV transition. The current supply shortages might also be a part of the reason since the company says this transition period will help it solidify its supply chain.

Despite this, the CEO still aims for his company to become the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles by 2025.

Indeed, the Volkswagen Group says the demand for electric vehicles will keep growing in the next few years and it will try to beat Tesla in terms of sales. This won’t be easy however, since even the Group’s CEO admitted Tesla has been moving faster than they expected.

Diess also believes that the success of Volkswagen, at least in Europe, will come from small electric vehicles since he says the demand and the margins are both high for this type of product.

As of now, the VW Group has a few electric vehicles to offer in North America, such as the Volkswagen ID.4, the Audi Q4 e-Tron and the Porsche Taycan, but many more are expected to arrive in the next few years, most notably the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ.

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