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News Volkswagen Canada Cuts The Spektrum Colour Program From The Golf R And...

Volkswagen Canada Cuts The Spektrum Colour Program From The Golf R And Tells No One.

Less than two months ago, we drove a Ginster Yellow, from the spektrum colour program,  2019 Volkswagen Golf R. If you want to order one now, too bad.

So, here I was writing up a story about cars, something we’re trying out at Motor Illustrated, and the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R came up as a subject. I promptly headed to and opted to build and price a Golf R. Lo and behold, only five colours show up at Step 2 – the fantastic VW Spektrum colours are gone! What gives?

I stupidly refreshed the page without taking a screenshot and boom, they were all back. I thought I’d spotted a glitch in the spectrum… According to an unnamed, less than reliable “source”, some guy that works with us actually, he learned from some other guy that VW Canada pulled the plug on the program in May in a very hush-hush fashion…

As I continued to build my 2019 Golf R, briskly clicking on all the cool colours for fun, I finally selected my favorite $2,995 colour, 91 Blue, only to then spot the small print below the colours: “Special colours can no longer be ordered. Some dealers may have certain special colours in stock. See dealer for details.” It’s true then, the program is over.

Devasted, I completed my build with the Lapiz Blue hue, headed straight for the Accessories (Step 5) and selected the mega-sweet and expensive $5,324 Oettinger package (not painted, too…) and felt satisfied, somewhat.

For fun and likely torture, I headed on over to the VW US site to find that all the $2,500 USD Spektrum shades are there and there are no signs of small print other than the mention: “(Special order color. Subject to additional delivery time).” Further distraught, I completed the build with 91 Blue but then found that the Oettinger package is not offered in the US! Small and empty victory, I suppose, as parts can still be ordered from various shops. I did not price them for fear I’d scream and wake up the kids when finding out how much cheaper it all is in the US.

As an FYI, and for some reason, the VW Spektrum program still applies to the Volkswagen e-Golf.

Update from Volkswagen Canada:

“Model year 2019 will be the final year of production for the 7th generation of the Golf R, and we have already placed all of our orders for this car.  As such, there are no longer any production slots available for custom colour selections.  The custom colour program will return when the 8th generation Golf R arrives in the near future.

There will be a 7th generation MY2020 e-Golf, and as a result, we will continue to offer the custom colour program on this model.”

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