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Volkswagen Confirms the ID.2, a Smaller Electric SUV which Could Arrive in 2026

Volkswagen is working on an SUV version of the upcoming ID.2 electric hatchback.

  • The automaker teased a more rugged version of the recent ID.2all concept.

  • This model is likely to use the upcoming MEB Entry platform.

  • It is not clear if the ID.2 and ID.2 SUV will be sold in North America.

Volkswagen has released a teaser image of an upcoming sub-compact electric SUV which will likely be a more rugged version of the ID.2all concept.

While few details can be seen in the picture, which only shows the outline of the vehicle, this new model is expected to be quite close in terms of design to the ID.2all on which it will be based.

This means we should expect a fairly traditional hatchback shape enhanced by more rugged elements that will make the SUV stand out from its sibling. Examples of these elements might include more pronounced wheel arches, which are hinted at in the picture, in addition to a rear quarter panel design which features three stacked horizontal cutouts reminiscent of the ID.Buzz.

To justify its inclusion in the SUV/crossover category, this model is also likely to feature additional ground clearance over the ID.2all concept.

Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept | Photo: Volkswagen

Both the regular ID.2 and its SUV companion are expected to use the upcoming MEB Entry platform, which is a cheaper alternative than the company’s full-size MEB platform, which is currently used by vehicles such as the ID.4.

Here again, few details are known about this platform, but the ID.2 hatchback is set to be front-wheel drive only, which might also be the case of the ID.2 SUV.

Two battery sizes are said to be offered at launch, with a standard 38 kWh unit and an available 58 kWh battery which could push the range up to about 450 kilometers. With the capability to charge at rates up to 125 kW, this could mean fast charging sessions of less than 30 minutes to go from 10 to 80%.

Given their small size, we still don’t know if Volkswagen intends to ever offer the ID.2 and its SUV variant on the North American market.

At the moment, estimates show a starting price of about £20,000 ($34,000 CAD) in the United Kingdom for the regular ID.2, with the SUV model starting at a few thousand more.

While this still seems fairly expensive for such a small car, it would make for a significant improvement in terms of affordability over the current ID.3 hatchback, which starts at £37,255 ($63,800 CAD).

Source: Auto Express


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