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News Volkswagen Could Name its Upcoming Electric SUV ID. Tiguan

Volkswagen Could Name its Upcoming Electric SUV ID. Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan could continue in the electric era as the ID. Tiguan

  • This goes against the current numbered naming scheme.

  • The Tiguan is a popular model all around the world.

  • VW could also rename the future ID.2 to ID. Golf.

Changing the name of a popular model is always a risky move and Volkswagen seems to understand since rumours say its upcoming electric SUV will be named ID. Tiguan.

This is surprising since the automaker has been trying to establish a new naming convention with the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, and ID.6 models sold around the world in the last few years.

The decision to keep the Tiguan name for the future model which should be unveiled in 2026 is likely due to the popularity of the current Tiguan in North America and in Europe.

Few details are known about the ID. Tiguan yet, except that it will use the updated MEB Plus platform and it should be similar in size and general appearance to the current model.

The Tiguan probably won’t be alone in keeping an older name in the electric era since rumours now say the ID.2 could be renamed ID. Golf before its launch.

This is because Volkswagen says its iconic nameplates will continue to exist despite its commitment to the ID. Designation for EVs.

This means that it is possible that numbers and full names could coexist in the lineup, with numbers being used on new additions to the brand and names signifying the successors of current models.

Since it is planned to launch in 2026, the ID. Tiguan could stand in for the Trinity EV, which has been delayed to the end of the decade due to software development issues.

Since the Trinity project is said to “revolutionize Volkswagen”, this delay creates a gap of a few years that should be filled by the ID. Tiguan.

Production of this model is expected to take place at the company’s flagship plant in Wolfsburg, where production capacity is currently limited due to a lack of computer chips.

Source: Electrek

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