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NewsVolkswagen has Already Sold Two-Thirds of its Annual Production of ID.BUZZ

Volkswagen has Already Sold Two-Thirds of its Annual Production of ID.BUZZ

Volkswagen has almost sold its entire 2022 production of ID.BUZZ models in some European markets.

  • Over 10,000 units have been sold out of a 15,000-unit production target for the year

  • Sales have not begun in every European country as of now

  • Norway and Germany are the two leading markets

Volkswagen announced it has already sold 10,000 units of the ID.BUZZ and ID.BUZZ Cargo, which means that two-thirds of its expected production for 2022 is already spoken for.

The automaker revealed that the electric van, which will begin to be delivered in certain European countries in October of this year, has already attracted over 10,000 buyers despite still only being available in a limited number of countries that exclude France, the UK and the entirety of North America.

As of now, Norway is the market where the ID.BUZZ is the most popular, with 3,400 orders. This is not surprising since Norway is the country with the largest proportion of electric vehicles in the world.

Following behind is Germany with 2,500 orders, the Netherlands with 1,100, and Belgium with 1,000 orders.

This is great news for Volkswagen because it means only about 5,000 units need to be sold for its entire 2022 production to be sold out.

The electric van began rolling off the Hannover assembly line in May of this year and the automaker planned a steady ramp-up of the production speed, which is why it plans to increase its output to 60,000 units in 2023 and then up to 130,000 the following years.

Since Volkswagen predicts the ID.BUZZ could sell in similar numbers in the United States, it plans to add this model to the lineup produced at its Tennessee factory ahead of the launch in North America scheduled in 2024.


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