Thursday, December 1, 2022
News Volkswagen has Now Delivered 500,000 ID. Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen has Now Delivered 500,000 ID. Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen has now sold over half a million of its ID. electric models around the world since October 2020.

  • This means that the company is one year ahead of schedule.

  • The automaker still has 135,000 EV orders to fill at the moment.

  • VW aims to have half of its sales in China and the US be electric vehicles by 2030.

Volkswagen has announced the delivery of its 500,000th ID. electric vehicle worldwide today, which is a year earlier than the company had planned to reach this milestone.

The automaker says that this proves it is on track to meet its electrification goals, which are different depending on the market.

Indeed, Volkswagen intends to have 70% of its sales in Europe be electric vehicles by 2030, with the end of gasoline vehicle production on the continent in 2033.

In China and the United States, the company is slightly less optimistic, with an EV goal of 50% of the total sales in 2030.

In order to achieve this, VW plans to add ten new electric models by 2026, some of which will reportedly be refreshed versions of its current models.

As of now, the only battery-powered Volkswagen product offered in North America is the ID.4 SUV, with the ID.BUZZ minivan expected to make its entrance in 2024.

In other markets, however, the company’s lineup of EVs is more comprehensive, with the addition of the ID.3 subcompact hatchback and the ID.5, which is a Coupe/SUV version of the ID.4.

China is also treated to a unique model in the form of the ID.6, another SUV that is longer than the ID.4 and ID.5. Furthermore, the ID.Buzz is already available in Europe.

All of the electric Volkswagen models currently on the market (except the older-generation E-Up!) are built on the same MEB platform, but this will change before the end of the decade.

Indeed, many of the brand’s upcoming models will be based on the new SSP platform instead, with the first deliveries planned in 2026.

These additional EVs will add to the automaker’s EV backlog, which currently has about 135,000 reservations for ID. models around the globe. This is why VW hopes the current supply chain crisis will be resolved in the coming years.

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