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Auto Shows & Events The Volkswagen ID. will start below 30 000 euros

The Volkswagen ID. will start below 30 000 euros

Volkswagen announced this morning that it will keep its promise. The pre-orders for the ID., starting below 30,000 euros, will start on May 8th.

One day after Volkswagen’s board meeting, the German manufacturer was holding a conference to talk about what’s coming up in 2019, among other things.

The biggest new thing out of this conference is probably all the details reported on the new ID. range.

The starting price for the Volkswagen ID. will be less than 30 000 €, it was announced this morning. Volkswagen keeps its promise to keep the car affordable.

One can also learn that the high-end model of the ID. will have a maximum range of 550 km. In addition, to the base car to being well equipped, it will also receive all software updates automatically.

The first ID. of the range will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September. However, Volkswagen confirms that the order book for the ID.’s Launch Edition will open on May 8th.

“Given the interest in the ID. family shown by our dealers, I think it is possible that the launch edition will already have sold out before we unveil the ID. in September,” Board Member for Sales, Jürgen Stackmann, said.

“We therefore view 2019 as the year in which “New Volkswagen” was born,” adds Stackmann.

That said, with the Volkswagen ID. starting production in the fourth quarter this year, we are starting to see the beginning of this new era.

Apart from the ID., the German manufacturer mentioned the arrival of the other models of the range during this same conference. An ID. CROZZ, which will have the proportions of the Tiguan, will be the first fully electric SUV of the range. It will hit the market a year later, in 2020. A “lean, coupé-like version” of the ID. CROZZ will be available in 2021.

As for the ID. BUZZ, it will be launched sometime in 2022.

Volkswagen I.D. Concept
Volkswagen ID. Concept | Photo: Volkswagen

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