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News Volkswagen Introduces PHEV California Concept

Volkswagen Introduces PHEV California Concept

Volkswagen’s new California Concept showcases a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and innovative dual sliding door design for camper vans.


  • The California Concept by Volkswagen is showcased at the Caravan Salon trade fair in Düsseldorf, featuring a plug-in hybrid drivetrain and two sliding doors.

  • The hybrid powertrain combines a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor, promising enhanced performance and efficiency.

  • Interior highlights include rotating front seats, a foldable rear bench seat that converts into a bed, and an aluminum pop-up tent.


Volkswagen has revealed its latest offering, the PHEV California Concept, offering a glimpse into the potential future of VW camper vans. Unveiled at the Caravan Salon trade fair in Düsseldorf, this concept presents a plug-in hybrid powertrain and a unique dual sliding door configuration.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

Featuring a plug-in hybrid setup, the California Concept is equipped with a 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with an electric motor, producing a combined output of 215 horsepower. While comprehensive powertrain specifications are not yet disclosed, the hybrid combination promises both improved performance and efficiency, catering to the requirements of outdoor excursions.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

A notable highlight of the California Concept is its incorporation of on-board lithium-ion batteries. These batteries offer a nearly autonomous 12V power supply, extending the range of camping experiences and facilitating extended periods of outdoor activity. Furthermore, the plug-in hybrid system ensures sufficient driving range to transport users to their chosen camping destinations.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

An intriguing design feature of the concept is the inclusion of dual sliding doors, a departure from the single door design seen in earlier iterations. This addition enhances accessibility and convenience, particularly for markets requiring right-hand drive. Moreover, it offers improved ease of entry and exit.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

The interior of the California Concept seamlessly blends versatility and comfort. The front seats can swivel 180 degrees, transforming the cabin into a functional living or dining area. Additionally, the rear bench seat can be folded down to create a bed, ensuring comfortable resting accommodations. The iconic pop-up tent on the roof, a hallmark of the California camper since 1988, presents a panoramic view and the option for a premium roof tent.

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The dual sliding doors also facilitate easier access to amenities such as an external fridge, enhancing practicality during camping trips. Additionally, the design of the California Concept caters to outdoor cooking, offering shelter through a triangular sun shade on one side and a larger, square awning on the other.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

Volkswagen envisions the California Concept as a preview of the forthcoming production California camper van, projected to debut in 2024. The production model will offer diverse powertrain options, including the innovative eHybrid PHEV system showcased in the concept, alongside conventional gasoline and diesel engines.

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

2024 VW California Camper Concept | Photo : Volkswagen

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