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NewsVolkswagen is planning an EV under 20,000 euros before 2026-27 at the...

Volkswagen is planning an EV under 20,000 euros before 2026-27 at the latest

  • Volkswagen will have two affordable models

  • Skoda and Cupra will the other two brands with sub-25,000 euros EVs.

  • The brand is also confident to market a sub-20,000 euros EV before 2026.


In an interview with Automotive News’ sister publication, Automobilwoche, Volkswagen’s Chief Operating Officer Thomas Schäfer said that an electric car sold under €20,000 is possible, starting in 2026 or 2027 at the latest.

Let’s remember that the CEO is behind the presentation of the brand’s most recent concept, the Volkswagen ID.2all, which will soon be transformed into a production model for the European continent. This city car with dimensions close to a Polo, the carmaker’s subcompact, will also be sold at a price below €25,000.

Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept | Photo: Volkswagen

Unfortunately, the chances of seeing this adorable five-door car on this side of the Atlantic are nil, as Volkswagen prefers to focus on a lineup of utility vehicles in North America with the ID.4, the much-anticipated ID.Buzz, not to mention the return of the Scout brand as Volkswagen’s off-road and electric division on the continent.

And you’ll understand that an electric vehicle with a price tag of less than €20,000 is probably even less likely to end up on our roads. On the other hand, this statement is good news for some markets where the price of vehicles is lower than in richer markets like North America for example.

Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept | Photo: Volkswagen

Schäfer also confirmed that there would be four models based on this platform for less than €25,000, but that only the Volkswagen version could command such a low price. The other three models, from Skoda, Cupra, while the second affordable vehicle will be an urban crossover from Volkswagen, will be sold for more. The Skoda model will also be a utility vehicle. In fact, all four models will be assembled at two Spanish factories, which supports the theory that these affordable vehicles will not cross the Atlantic anytime soon.

Fans of smaller vehicles can rejoice, however, after another statement from Mr. Schäfer about this MEB platform for entry-level models that will be marketed globally. North American drivers can cross their fingers that they will see a smaller EV than the current ID.4 in North America.

Volkswagen ID. 2all Concept | Photo: Volkswagen

In fact, there is already talk of a GTI version of the ID2all concept, and with the popularity of the sporty compact (the Golf GTI) north of the 49th parallel. We can also believe in an electric sequel to this beautiful story that has been going on since the mid-1970s.

Will we ever see an electric vehicle sold for under €20,000 (about $29,500 in Canadian dollars and $22,100 in US dollars) in North America? We shouldn’t count on it, but the €25,000 mark (or about $36,900 in Canadian dollars and $27,600 in US dollars) remains a possibility, but we’ll have to be patient, because the automaker needs to capitalize on the utility market right now.


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