Sunday, August 14, 2022
News Volkswagen is Recalling over 43,000 Vehicles of Various Models for Inoperative Backup...

Volkswagen is Recalling over 43,000 Vehicles of Various Models for Inoperative Backup Cameras

Inoperative backup cameras are causing over 43,000 Volkswagen vehicles to be recalled.

  • Affected Models include the Jetta, the Golf GTI, the Atlas, and the Tiguan, among others

  • Due to differences in the manufacturing process, some vehicles could have intermittent backup cameras

  • A software update should fix the problem

Volkswagen is launching a recall campaign that affects 43,091 vehicles in the United States due to a backup camera that could fail to display an image.

According to the automaker, vehicles equipped with an infotainment system made in Mexico could be subject to this defect because of a different manufacturing process.

In some of the head units, the manufacturer installed a chip that had received its software beforehand instead of installing a blank chip and flashing its software once the assembly is completed.

This could apparently cause an intermittent drop in voltage that can prevent the image from the rear-view camera from being displayed when the vehicle is shifted into reverse.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R | Photo: Olivier Delorme

This means that the vehicles could present a non-compliance to the US federal safety standards, which could increase the risks of accident by making it harder for drivers to see behind their vehicle while reversing.

Since many Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with radios and infotainment systems made by the same supplier, this recall affects a large portion of the company’s lineup.

Indeed, the affected vehicles are the Tiguan, the Taos, the Jetta, the Arteon, the Atlas, the Atlas Cross Sport, and the Golf GTI, all from the 2021 and 2022 model years.

According to the automaker, no warranty claims have been recorded in relation to this problem and the company’s engineers have had trouble replicating the issue in controlled tests.

Nonetheless, Volkswagen decided to proceed with a recall that will see these vehicles returning to the dealer to receive a free software update that will fix the problem.

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