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NewsVolkswagen Recalling Every ID.4 Sold in America

Volkswagen Recalling Every ID.4 Sold in America

ID.4's sunshade a fire risk

  • ID.4’s sun visor may not be up to fire specs

  • Dealer will spray the part with a new coating

Volkswagen is recalling 24,000 copies of the ID.4 EV in the US. It’s not electric-related this time, the recall is because of an interior sunshade that doesn’t meet flammability requirements.

In the letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volkswagen notified the government that it would be recalling 23,883 vehicles in the U.S. A separate recall in Canada affects 2,744 vehicles over the same issue.

VW said, “The interior sunshade for the panoramic glass roof may be insufficiently fire retardant.” While this is unlikely to be the cause of a fire, it could cause a vehicle fire to spread more quickly. Interior components are highly regulated for flammability.

CarBuzz reports that the issue was discovered earlier this year as part of standard product conformity testing. The supplier, Automotive Mexico Body Systems, was unable to narrow down the cause so every vehicle is being recalled.

That same report says the issue was fixed in production in late August. The solution was to reverse the cover, leaving what was the exterior of the sunshade facing into the cabin.

For owners of Volkswagen ID.4 models, the fix is simpler. VW dealers will apply a flame retardant to the sunshade fabric, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to go out in early January. Customers can contact VW and cite revall number 60G3 in Canada or the U.S.



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