Saturday, December 10, 2022
News Volkswagen Resumed Production of the ID.Buzz After Fixing the Batteries

Volkswagen Resumed Production of the ID.Buzz After Fixing the Batteries

Volkswagen resumed production of the ID.Buzz in Hannover after having fixed the battery problem it noticed last week.

  • Battery cells with a lower voltage than specified had been found in some of the batteries

  • Only the vehicles assembled at the Hannover factory were affected

  • The automaker wants to increase production to 180 units per day at the end of the year

Volkswagen announced it resumed production of the ID.Buzz at its Hannover factory two days ago after the battery problem was resolved.

Last week, the automaker identified a number of battery cells that didn’t meet its quality specifications in the battery packs of a number of the ID.Buzz electric vans made at its commercial vehicles plant.

The cells in question had a lower voltage than the manufacturer intended, which could lead to voltage drops in the entire battery and thus result in a lower range. The overall lifespan of the battery could also have been affected by this problem.

According to Volkswagen, this happened because a new supplier was used to obtain the batteries used in Hannover instead of using the same company that makes the packs in use at other factories where the company makes EVs.

The weeklong shutdown apparently gave enough time for the new company to improve its quality control and replace the defective cells in the batteries that had already been shipped to the factory.

Since deliveries have yet to begin, Volkswagen will proceed to an inspection of all of the 500 or so ID.Buzz models that have been made in Hannover since the production began early last month.

In order to make up for the lost week of production, the automaker claims it will increase the production rate, which was at about 45 vehicles per day before the shutdown. The company’s target is to produce 180 vehicles per day by the end of the year.

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