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NewsVolkswagen reveals a sleek ID.Code concept in China

Volkswagen reveals a sleek ID.Code concept in China

  • The concept is compatible to Level 4 autonomy.
  • The brand intends on offering up to 16 EV models in China by 2030.


Volkswagen took this year’s Auto China show in Beijing to unveil the ID.Code concept. The concept takes the shape of a racy, electrically-powered crossover. The concept is also an opportunity for the brand’s strategists to unveil the design of future models for the Chinese market. What’s more, the ID.Code is compatible with Level 4 driver assistance technology.

Moreover, this unveiling is accompanied by an important announcement for the German division, Volkswagen, which intends to expand its range of electric vehicles to 16 models in China by 2030. Moreover, several other hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants will be launched in the next few years in the world’s largest automotive market.

At first glance, the “closed” front-end is a clue on what is powering this vehicle, as are the oversized wheels that fill the wheel arches to perfection. Up front, the lighting section is made up of 967 LEDs, named Light Cloud. At the rear, a single strip of light and a wide diffuser confirm the vehicle’s sporting ambitions, while the “squashed” silhouette only accentuates this impression.

The interior is no exception, offering a glimpse of what might be to come in a future Volkswagen model, even if the ID.Code is a Chinese concept. The four wrap-around seats are well integrated into the airy cabin. The two bucket seats in the first row can be rotated on their axis to create a user-friendly environment for four passengers while the vehicle makes sure it gets to where it’s going.

The dashboard is also rich in displays, with this strip inserted at the base of the windshield, while another vertical screen is integrated into the center console.

Details surrounding this superb utility concept remain limited at the time of writing, but it’s clear that it will influence Volkswagen’s future in the years to come, whether in China or elsewhere in the world.


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