Saturday, November 26, 2022
News Volkswagen Stopping Most Popular Product: Currywurst

Volkswagen Stopping Most Popular Product: Currywurst

The worst news for VW wurst

  • Volkswagen Chair Diess says move will help health of staff

  • New recipes come from two-star Michelin Chef

Volkswagen is one of the many automakers working to reduce its impact on the environment. In order to help it hit its climate goals, the company has stopped making its most popular product. Say goodbye to the Volkswagen currywurst, Vegnews reports.

The sausages have been made by Volkswagen since 1973, and with about seven million made every year it is by far the company’s biggest seller. Now the famous currywurst is being dropped from company cafeterias, along with all other meat products, as it works to stop serving factory-farmed meat products by 2025. Volkswagen will still make a vegan option for those wanting their currywurst anyway, as the food is one of the most popular in Germany.

Volkswagen Group Chair Herbert Diess said on Linkedin that “This topic is really important to me personally: the food in our VW canteens. It is getting better and healthier. In May 2020, a creative team was launched. Mission: More quality! To date, more than 400 new recipes have been developed and tasted. Less meat, more vegetables, better ingredients – an immense step forward, much more contemporary. Good food is important, it is crucial for the health, the mood and thus also for the productivity of the employees.”

The new recipes have been created by Michelin-starred chef Nils Potthast, who has been named Volkswagen Head of Gastronomy and Catering. The company HQ cafeteria in Wolfsburg, which serves around 60,000 staff every day, is already moving to substitute meat with plant-based products like jackfruit burgers and eggplant patties.





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