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NewsVolkswagen To Stop Selling ICE Vehicles By 2035 In Europe

Volkswagen To Stop Selling ICE Vehicles By 2035 In Europe

Volkswagen plans to be ahead of the ever-tightening EU CO2 climate targets with more EVs

  • Audi has announced a similar plan, but its target date is closer to 2033.

  • EU CO2 climate targets get closer to a 60% reduction by 2030 from 1990 levels.

  • By 2030, VW expects that 70% of all new sales will be EVs.

Global automakers face enormous challenges when it comes to meeting various demands and requirements. The most pressing is environmental however not all markets are prepared for a full switch. For Europe, guidelines are clear, and Volkswagen’s last ICE vehicle should roll off an assembly line in 2035.

Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

Car manufacturers are in the business to make money but not all areas have the same requirements. For example, South America and Africa are not ready for a transition to electric vehicles due to a lack of political and infrastructural framework conditions. This means that internal combustion engines will thrive for a while yet in these markets.

In North America and China, guidelines are clearer however the sheer size of the markets will dictate the EV transition pace. Various infrastructures are being put into place, but this means that Volkswagen will not exit ICE vehicles as early as Europe.

Europe currently has some of the strictest CO2 emission rules, and they’re about to get even tighter. According to Merkur, Volkswagen is preparing to meet and exceed these targets with a new car fleet that will consist of a 70% EV mix as early as 2030. Possibly as early as 2033 and more than likely by 2035, Volkswagen will have dropped all internal combustion engines from its roster.


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