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NewsVolkswagen Trademarks a New GTI Logo that Hints at Electric Future

Volkswagen Trademarks a New GTI Logo that Hints at Electric Future

Volkswagen could be working on electrified GTI models, judging by a recent trademark.

  • The next generation of the hot hatch could abandon combustion power in favour of electricity.

  • The logo shows the letter “I” replaced by a lightning bolt.

  • This means that the GTX sub-brand could disappear in the coming years.

A new trademark from Volkswagen revealed in documents from the German Patent Office hints that the Golf GTI has an electrified future.

This is not surprising since the automaker wants to become a leader in terms of electric vehicles around the world, and the GTI is one of its most iconic models.

No details have been revealed about this upcoming model at the moment, and it isn’t expected for many years still since the current model will be refreshed next year in order to remain relevant until the end of the decade.

The trademark only shows the GTI logo with a lightning bolt instead of the “I”, which means that the meaning of the acronym will have to change.

Indeed, the three letters which were introduced on the sporty version of the Golf back in the mid-seventies mean “Grand Touring Injection”, a reference to the fuel injection system used on the engine, which was quite advanced for the time.

While keeping the GTI name going in the electric age is good news for enthusiasts and probably the best decision for the brand, it means that the GTX badge which has been used on more powerful versions of electric Volkswagen models such as the ID.4 and the ID. Buzz is likely to be abandoned.

2023 Volkswagen Golf GTI
2023 Volkswagen GTI

In addition, the company says R models will also make the transition to electric power, which means that the future electric Golf should still be available in both GTI and R versions as it has been for the past few years.

Of course, a lightning bolt logo doesn’t necessarily mean a fully electric vehicle, and there is a possibility that the Golf GTI might get a hybrid variant in the coming years.

Let’s not forget other GTI models which could be electrified sooner. Indeed, while the Golf is the only GTI model currently offered in North America, Volkswagen offers a more diversified lineup in Europe, where customers can still order GTI versions of the Up! Supermini and Polo subcompact hatchback.

Source: Carbuzz


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