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NewsVolkswagen Unveils the ID.7 Electric Sedan

Volkswagen Unveils the ID.7 Electric Sedan

The Volkswagen ID.7 will arrive in North America starting in 2024.

  • The ID.7 will have up to 700 kilometres of range according to the WLTP test cycle.

  • The ID.7 will feature many new technologies for VW, such as a dimming sunroof, massaging seats, and a new operating system.

  • Deliveries will start this fall in Europe and China, with North American buyers receiving their ID.7 in 2024.

Volkswagen launched the production version of the ID.7, its new mid-size electric sedan earlier today in an event that was live-streamed simultaneously in Europe, North America, and China.

The new sedan was previewed a few months ago with a camouflaged concept that has been shown to the public a number of times.

According to VW, the ID.7 will feature many new technologies that haven’t been seen in its cars before, such as a dimmable panoramic glass roof and available heated and cooled massaging seats that feature a drying function.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen

The presence of these features usually reserved for high-end vehicles is explained by the fact that the ID.7 will be positioned as the flagship Volkswagen model in Europe and China.

Other features of the car will include an optional 700-watt Harman Kardon sound system and a new operating system for the infotainment.

This new technology will include a voice assistant that can control most of the vehicle’s features and systems as well as reworked menus that should address some of the complaints that have been levelled against the company’s current system.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen

For example, climate controls will now be available at the bottom of the new 15-inch infotainment screen at all times and assignable buttons will be included to allow drivers to customize their vehicle’s controls.

An augmented reality head-up display that was previewed on the ID.7 concept will be available on the production model where it will give drivers navigation directions by showing arrows directly on the road in front of them.

Another new technology to be seen in the ID.7 is Travel Assist with swarm data. This system uses data generated by other VW vehicles that have travelled a certain stretch of road to improve the ID.7’s semi-autonomous capabilities. This makes it possible to offer assisted lane-changing on highways when driving above 90 km/h.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen

While the design of the ID.7 is not a surprise thanks to the numerous appearances of the lightly disguised prototype, a few more details have been revealed.

For example, we now know that the sedan will be almost five meters long and will feature a coefficient of drag of only 0.23. Volkswagen also says that the long wheelbase of this model will provide more interior space than in other vehicles of this size.

Due to this low coefficient of drag but also to a new generation of more efficient electric drive units, the ID.7 is expected to offer a range of over 700 kilometres according to the WLTP testing cycle.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen

This number might be a bit optimistic since WLTP figures are often significantly higher than EPA and real-world range results, but it is still an indication that the ID.7 should have a lot more range than the ID.4, which has up to about 520 kilometres of WLTP range.

In addition, Volkswagen says the batteries in the ID.7 will be able to charge at a maximum rate of 200 kW, which could reduce charging times when using DC fast chargers.

While multiple battery sizes are to be offered, the ID.7 will use the same 282-horsepower motors across the range. Since this appears to be the output of one motor only, it is likely that the dual-motor all-wheel drive version will have a higher combined horsepower figure.

The Volkswagen ID.7 will reach its first buyers in Europe and China starting this fall, but deliveries in the United States and Canada will have to wait until 2024 when the first units produced in Germany will make their way across the Atlantic.

2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen
2024 Volkswagen ID.7 | Photo: Volkswagen


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