Monday, March 27, 2023
News Volkswagen Unveils the Updated ID.3 in Europe

Volkswagen Unveils the Updated ID.3 in Europe

The Volkswagen ID.3 receives a host of modifications, most of which are inspired by customer feedback.

  • A sportier exterior appearance and a higher quality interior are included.

  • The company used customer feedback to improve the new model.

  • New infotainment and driver-assist technologies have also been added.

Volkswagen has just unveiled a refreshed version of the sub-compact ID.3 electric car in Europe that addresses many of the current owners’ complaints.

The company’s most affordable ID. EV on the European market now benefits from a slightly revised exterior appearance and higher quality materials on the inside.

Starting with the visual changes, the ID.3 now has a new front bumper that features optimized air-cooling openings as well as a hood that doesn’t have a black strip at the base of the windshield anymore.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

Aerodynamics have also been reworked around the wheel wells in order to reduce drag and improve efficiency. At the rear, the most notable change is that the part of the taillamps which is mounted on the liftgate now illuminates with the rest of the unit.

Inside is where most of the modifications have taken place since many owners of the current model have complained about hard plastics and confusing infotainment menus.

These issues have been addressed by using foam-backed soft-touch panels on the dashboard and the doors as well as by changing the infotainment system for a newer one which supports over-the-air updates, a clearer layout, and an easier-to-find charging screen.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

The larger 12-inch touch screen is now standard on the ID.3 and the new augmented-reality head-up display which shows speed and navigation information 10 meters in front of the vehicle is available.

Also available is the latest version of the Travel Assist system which uses swarm data. This technology can control the speed and direction of the vehicle all the way from a stop to top speed. In areas where swarm data is available, only one recognized lane marking is needed for the vehicle to stay in its lane.

The new infotainment system also includes the Electric Vehicle Route Planner which determines where drivers should stop to recharge the battery on longer trips in order to arrive as soon as possible. Combined with features such as plug & charge which allows the vehicle to authenticate itself at charging stations, this should make charging easier and more convenient for drivers.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

Other changes inside also include the Artvelours ECO upholstery for the seats and door panels which contains 71% of recycled plastic, and contrast stitching.

Since Volkswagen expects an increase in demand for this model, the ID.3 will begin production in Wolfsburg next fall in addition to the current factories in Zwickau and Dresden.

2023 Volkswagen ID.3 | Photo: Volkswagen

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