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NewsVolkswagen will bring back the Scout name by 2026

Volkswagen will bring back the Scout name by 2026

Volkswagen could bring back the Scout name for a line of rugged electric vehicles.

It seems that the rumors surrounding the potential arrival of a more rugged utility vehicle from Volkswagen were right. In fact, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the Wolfsburg-based giant could even bring the Scout name back to the forefront for the occasion. Remember that the Scout name was already used on an International Harvester 4×4 during the 60s, 70s and early 80s. The friendly utility vehicle is still a collector’s item these days and it’s clear that Volkswagen wants to capitalize on this.

However, the return of the Scout name to the North American automotive arena is not going to be accompanied by a combustion engine. No, Volkswagen’s plans are to revive the brand as a sub-division dedicated to off-road or adventure driving with at least two electrically powered vehicles: an SUV and a pickup truck.

There’s even a rumor going around that the company’s top management might approve this strategic move to tap into the adventure vehicle bonanza. On the other hand, production of the two vehicles would not begin until the 2026 model year, and even though the Wolfsburg-based automaker intends to assemble up to 250,000 Scout vehicles per year, it will have to keep an eye on new players already active in the electric niche, including Ford with its F-150 Lightning pickup, Rivian with its two utility vehicles, GMC with its Hummer duo, Chevrolet with the Silverado pickup and even Tesla with the Cybertruck. Let’s not forget the Ram division, which is currently working on two pickup trucks, and even Jeep, which is also considering an electric Wrangler.

In short, Volkswagen has a lot of work to do, but the Scout name is still very strong with off-road enthusiasts. Remember that the name belongs to Volkswagen since it acquired the Traton group, a subsidiary that includes the Man, Scania and Navistar brands. Navistar is the successor to International Harvester, the manufacturer behind the much sought-after name.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Volkswagen in the next few days to confirm or not this rumour about the return of the Scout brand, but if it proves to be true, this strategic decision could prove to be profitable for Volkswagen, which has been trying for a long time to establish itself in North America.


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