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News Volkswagen's Golf to Embrace Electric-Only Future by 2028

Volkswagen’s Golf to Embrace Electric-Only Future by 2028

The ninth-generation Volkswagen Golf, set to debut in 2028, will be fully electric, riding on the new SSP platform, marking a significant shift in the iconic model’s trajectory.


·      The new Golf will be Volkswagen’s first model based on the SSP platform.

·      The SSP architecture includes 800V electrical capabilities, potentially allowing 10-80% charging within 12 minutes.

·      Volkswagen commits to affordability, aiming for the ninth-generation Golf to be competitively priced with its predecessor.


Volkswagen is gearing up for a monumental shift with its ninth-generation Golf. Slated for a 2028 release, this version will be exclusively electric, underpinned by the brand’s new SSP platform. This move forms part of Volkswagen’s comprehensive transformation strategy to position itself as a front-runner in the EV market.

Volkswagen Golf MK8 | Photo: Volkswagen

The forthcoming Golf is anticipated to be among the most technologically advanced family hatchbacks upon its introduction. A key feature of the SSP architecture is its 800V electrical system, which significantly trumps the existing 175kW rate of current Volkswagen EVs. This enables faster charging, with Volkswagen citing that vehicles can be charged from 10% to 80% in just about 12 minutes. Moreover, the new platform will support level-four autonomous driving capabilities, suggesting that the Golf may offer hands-free driving, contingent on regional regulations.

Volkswagen Golf MK8 | Photo: Volkswagen

While the SSP platform was initially slated for mass production in 2026, developmental setbacks led to the postponement. Affordability remains a central focus for Volkswagen, especially given Golf’s reputation as a global best-seller. To this end, the ninth-generation Golf is expected to have a price point similar to its predecessor, rather than the ID 3. This pricing strategy is supported by the company’s new ‘Unified’ battery cells, which are produced in-house and will be used across all VW EVs, ensuring cost-efficiency.

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Volkswagen’s commitment to its iconic models remains firm. Despite the presence of the electric ID 3, the new Golf will not replace it. Instead, both cars will coexist, each boasting unique styling and features. Furthermore, performance sub-brands like GTI and R will continue to feature in Volkswagen’s electric lineup.

Volkswagen Golf MK8 | Photo: Volkswagen

Lastly, the design direction for the upcoming Golf will focus on evolving its legacy while integrating innovative elements from the ID 2 concept, ensuring that Volkswagen’s future vehicles combine heritage with cutting-edge features.

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