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NewsVolvo Adds Prime Video and YouTube to its Google-based Infotainment System

Volvo Adds Prime Video and YouTube to its Google-based Infotainment System

Recent Volvo models will soon gain the ability to stream videos via YouTube or Prime Video.

  • This will allow drivers and passengers to watch videos while the vehicle is stopped.

  • Both apps will become available through a software update that will begin rolling out on September 18th.

  • Drivers of any Volvo vehicle equipped with Google Built-in should gain access to these features, except for a few select markets.

Volvo has announced it will be among the first automakers to make Prime Video available in its vehicles, via the Google Built-in infotainment system.

Indeed, the company will soon allow drivers around the world to watch videos and TV series through Prime Video directly on the center screen of their vehicle.

Starting on September 18, Volvo owners in every country except China, South Korea, and Vietnam, will be able to download this app from the Google Store that was already included with the Android-based operating system used by the Swedish automaker.

This capability will be added by an over-the-air update, which means that it might take a few days longer to arrive in certain markets.

Prime Video in Volvo cars | Photo: Volvo

In addition to this, the company has also announced YouTube will make an appearance in its vehicles, as an already-installed app, this time.

This means that even if they don’t download Prime Video, Volvo drivers will be able to view videos via their vehicle’s touchscreen.

Of course, Volvo assures that these new apps will not cause an increase in cases of distracted driving since they will only be accessible while the vehicle is stopped, such as when charging at a public station.

It is not only electric vehicles that will now offer streaming solutions, however, since Volvo intends on making both services available in every model that is equipped with the current infotainment operating system, which was first launched in the 2021 XC40 Recharge.

Since the Google Built-in infotainment system is being adopted by more and more automakers, General Motors and Honda, for example, it is likely that Prime Video and YouTube will appear on many vehicle dashboards across the world in the coming months.


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