Friday, October 7, 2022
News Volvo Improved its Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain in Order to Offer up to...

Volvo Improved its Plug-in Hybrid Drivetrain in Order to Offer up to 41 Miles of Electric Driving

Volvo made some changes to its Recharge plug-in hybrid powertrain in order to improve its power and efficiency

  • The Recharge powertrain is now more efficient, with up to 41 miles (66 kilometers) of electric driving

  • This improved system will be installed in Recharge versions of the 60 and 90 Series models

  • One pedal driving is now possible in the XC60 and the S90

Volvo announced improvements to its Recharge plug-in hybrid drivetrain that will increase its electric range and its power output.

The improvements come from a larger battery, which now has an 18.8 kWh capacity instead of the previous 11.6 kWh. This is enough to allow for a longer all-electric range that reaches 35 to 41 miles (56 to 66 kilometers) depending on the model.

This allows most North American drivers to complete their entire daily commute without using the gasoline engine, provided that the battery is charged at home.

These are not the only improvements however, since the rear-mounted electric motor sees its power output go from 87 horsepower up to 143 horsepower. This 65% increase will not only provide more power for accelerations, with a new combined total of 455 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque, but it will also allow for a more effective all-wheel drive system.

2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge | Photo: Volvo
2022 Volvo XC60 Recharge | Photo: Volvo

Indeed, the Volvo models powered by the T8 Recharge powertrain don’t have a mechanical connection between the front and the rear axles. Since the electric motor that powers the rear wheels is now more powerful, the power split between the two axles will be closer at low speeds, which can help with the driving capabilities in difficult conditions.

The boost in output also makes the new Recharge models the most powerful Volvo vehicles ever made.

Another change is the addition of the one-pedal driving mode in the XC60 Recharge and the S90 Recharge. This drive mode is similar to the one found in many electric vehicles because it allows drivers to control the speed of the vehicle entirely without using the brake pedal in most normal driving circumstances by making use if the regenerative braking system. This feature will likely be added to other models in the manufacturer’s lineup at a later date.


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