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NewsVolvo Improves the Range and Performance of its Plug-In Hybrids

Volvo Improves the Range and Performance of its Plug-In Hybrids

Volvo improved its T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid powertrain to give more range and more power.

  • The maximum electric range achievable by a Volvo PHEV is now 64 kilometers

  • The rear electric motor now delivers 143 horsepower, for a combined total of 455 horsepower

  • One pedal driving is now available in some of the T8 Recharge models

Volvo made improvements to its T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid system which grant more range, more performances and more capabilities to its top-of-the line models.

The T8 Recharge powertrain is available in each of the 60 and 90 series of models, meaning the S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90 and XC90.

The changes come in the form of a larger battery and a more powerful electric motor on the rear axle. To give its cars more range, Volvo added a third layer of cells to the battery pack, which boosted its power from 11.6 kWh to 18.8 kWh.

This translates into an all-electric range that is set between 58 and 64 kilometers depending on the model, when using Pure mode. Since most North American drivers drive less than 50 kilometers per day, this increase in range means that the majority of buyers will be able to commute without using the gasoline engine.

2022 Volvo V90 Cross Country B6 | Photo: Matt St-Pierre

In addition, the new T8 Recharge models are the most powerful vehicles ever made by Volvo due to their new electric motor on the rear axle. This unit now delivers 143 horsepower instead of the 87 horsepower that was available previously. Combined with the turbocharged and supercharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine, this makes for a total output of 455 horsepower.

The added power to the rear axle improves acceleration, but it also makes the all-wheel drive system more effective by allowing more torque to power the rear wheels, thus achieving a better balance between the axles.

A new feature that is added to the T8 Recharge models is the possibility to drive them using only the accelerator pedal. Like in most electric cars, the one-pedal drive mode makes the regenerative braking system more powerful, enough to stop the vehicle and hold it in place without having to touch the brake pedal. This feature is currently only available on the XC60 T8 Recharge and the S90 T8 Recharge, but it will be added to the other models in the range later.


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