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News Volvo is Already Working on its Next Sedans and Wagons

Volvo is Already Working on its Next Sedans and Wagons

Volvo is working on the next generation of its sedans and wagons

The future of the automobile in the short and medium term is electric propulsion and certainly some form of utility. At the time of writing, this kind of talk is being spread to all car brands around the world.

This vision is also part of the strategy of Volvo, a brand that has been hammering away at its intention to offer an exclusively electric lineup for several years now. The XC40, XC60 and XC90 models are popular these days, and that’s having an impact on the sales figures of the company’s sedans and wagons.

The good news is that Volvo has no intention of abandoning these car segments, unlike some manufacturers that have decided to end – or almost end – their presence in the car categories.

2021 Volvo S90 Recharge | Photo: Volvo

At least that’s what Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson said in an interview with Autocar. Samuelsson said about a year ago that Volvo would retire some of its S and V Series models, which may disappoint some of the brand’s purists, but it seems that Volvo’s future still lies in having cars in its showrooms.

Volvo’s top dog even said that the next generation of S and V models are on their way and that they will be even more attractive with a more elegant design and a lower stance. In short, what you need to understand is that the next Volvo cars will be low, while the SUVs will keep their high ground clearance. It’s even safe to assume that the next generation of Volvo cars will be inspired by the increasingly popular coupe.

The next generation of the brand’s cars will have a lower stance and a more elegant shape.

The development of this new generation of cars also confirms the return of a gasoline powertrain under the hood, as Volvo’s senior management has already indicated that the full electric shift will be completed by the end of the decade. That leaves plenty of time for a new – and possibly ultimate – generation of traditional Volvo cars.

We should also expect to see the replacement(s) of these cars adopt a different nomenclature from the letters S and V, as Volvo wants to disassociate itself from this alphanumeric method in favor of new names for its future models, whether they are electric or internal combustion.

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