Tuesday, September 27, 2022
News Volvo Makes its Entire Lineup Electrified for 2023

Volvo Makes its Entire Lineup Electrified for 2023

Volvo is going fully electrified by adding hybrid powertrains to the XC40 for 2023.

  • Volvo will only sell hybrid or electric vehicles in North America starting in 2023

  • This means the XC40 will gain mild hybrid powertrains like other Volvo models

  • All 2023 Volvos will also feature the Google infotainment system

Volvo is moving quickly towards its electrification goals by replacing all of its gasoline engines with hybrid and electric powertrains for 2023.

This means that every Volvo sold in North America starting later this year will be electrified in some way.

This was expected since the Swedish automaker had already made its 90 and 60 series vehicles hybrids for 2022. This left only the sub-compact XC40 to be offered with regular gasoline engines this year.

Since Volvo only has one standard powertrain that can be configured in multiple ways, the mechanical elements found in the upcoming hybrid XC40 will be the same that currently power the brand’s other models.

This means that the 2.0L turbocharged engine will receive a 48-volt mild hybrid system which makes its more fuel efficient by boosting its torque at the appropriate time with the use of a small, 10 kW motor.

The XC40 will still be available in two power variants, with the B4 replacing the entry level T4 and the B5 replacing the uplevel T5.

Volvo wants to have all of its models be completely electric by the end of the decade, but until then, it will continue selling mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Also new for 2023, every model in the brand’s range will gain the Google-developped infotainment system that was already standard in the XC40 Recharge, the C40 Recharge, the XC60, the S90 and the V90 Cross Country.

This system is designed to blend in with other Google powered systems, such as Google home devices. This means that drivers will be able to control certain functions of their vehicles via their home devices, and certain of their home’s connected features via their car.

The brand will also eliminate trim levels to let buyers choose the exterior and interior styling combinations they prefer without having to choose a more expensive vehicle.

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