Friday, December 2, 2022
News Volvo Saw an 18% Jump in Electrified Sales in November

Volvo Saw an 18% Jump in Electrified Sales in November

Volvo is seeing increases in the share of electrified models it sells around the world

  • Despite lower global sales, Volvo sold more electrified vehicles than before

  • Electrified models now represent 32.8% of the company’s total sales

  • Electric only sales have increased 1,499% over the last year

Volvo is planning to only sell electric cars by 2030 and it recently made most of its models mild hybrids by default. In November, the company saw increases in its sales of electrified models in most major markets around the world.

Volvo saw an 18% increase in the sales of its Recharge electric and plug-in models around the globe between October and November, with 17,303 units sold.

Out of this number, 2,693 were fully electric models and 14,610 were plug-in hybrids, for a combined share of 32.8% of total November Volvo sales.

The introduction of the C40 Recharge, the brand’s second all-electric model, led to a big increase in sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) which gained 106% over the last month and 1,499% year over year.

The total number of electric and plug-in Volvo models sold globally in 2021 is also 72.5% higher than in 2020, with a share of 26.1% of all Volvo sales, meaning that more than 1 in 4 Volvo vehicles sold in 2021 was electrified.

In Europe, the company actually sold more Recharge models than fossil fueled or mild hybrid versions, with a market share of 52%. Europe is Volvo’s biggest electrified market, but China is the market with the fastest growth, with 94.6% more electrified vehicles sold there in November than in October.

The United States is slightly behind, with only a 22.3% market share for Recharge models in November, but their sales increased by 41.8% and the year over year results are more encouraging, with 268.4% more electrified vehicles sold in the country than in 2020.

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