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News Volvo Teases the Interior of the Upcoming EX30 Electric SUV

Volvo Teases the Interior of the Upcoming EX30 Electric SUV

The Volvo EX30 will have an interior different from the automaker's other models.

  • This new model will feature a single screen that will include driving information and the infotainment system.

  • Four interior colours will be offered, including green and light blue.

  • The EX30 will be the smallest and most eco-friendly Volvo model on the market.

The upcoming Volvo EX30 sub-compact electric SUV will be unveiled next week but Volvo decided to give us a glimpse of its interior ahead of time.

This new model will slot below the XC40 Recharge in terms of size and pricing by using the new SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform that was developed in China by Geely, Volvo’s parent company.

This means that the EX30 would not be mechanically related to the larger XC40 and C40 Recharge models that use Volvo-developed underpinnings, instead sharing elements with the Smart #01 and Zeekr 001, two models that are not offered in North America.

This move away from the rest of the Volvo lineup will also be seen in the interior since the EX30 will be the first model from the Swedish automaker to be devoid of an instrument cluster.

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

Instead, drivers will find the vehicle’s speed readout and other information related to driving in the upper left corner of a large center screen, as in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

While the overall design of the dashboard resembles that of the new EX90 three-row electric SUV, the lack of a secondary display in front of the driver and the addition of a new soundbar under the windshield will set the EX30 apart.

Since Volvo wants its new models to feature de-cluttered interiors, most controls will be integrated into the vertically-oriented 12.3-inch screen. As in other recent Volvo models, infotainment will be by way of the Google built-in system, which will now include wireless Apple CarPlay.

In addition to using a Geely-developed platform, Volvo reduced the production costs of the EX30 with features such as centrally-mounted window switches and the aforementioned soundbar that both require less wiring than before.

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

According to Volvo, the EX30 will be very practical due to the large number of storage spaces that are easily available to the driver and passengers, such as door bins, a glovebox installed under the center screen, and a center console that includes cup holders as well as open and closed storage spaces.

In order to make the EX30 its most eco-friendly model to date, Volvo made extensive use of recycled and sustainable materials for the cabin, including recycled denim, sustainable wool blends, recycled plastic, and Nordico, the automaker’s own sustainable upholstery material.

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

These interior components will be offered in four colour choices which, surprisingly, don’t include black or grey. Instead, buyers will be able to choose between white, light blue, dark blue, and green.

The complete details about this new entry-level Volvo will be available after the official launch on June 7th.

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

Volvo EX30 | Photo: Volvo

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