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Volvo to add a Subcompact SUV and a Mid-Size Sedan to its EV Lineup

Volvo is working on EVs to sit under the XC40 and to replace the S90 in its lineup by 2024.

  • The SUV will be smaller than the XC40 while the sedan should be about the same size as the S90

  • Both models should arrive on the market in 2024, alongside the EX90

  • Volvo wants to replace all of its models with electric versions by 2030

Volvo is working on two new electric vehicles to join its lineup by the end of 2024, one of which will be a subcompact SUV smaller than the XC40 Recharge.

In an interview with Drive, the CEO of the brand’s Australian operations unveiled new details about some of Volvo’s future models.

According to him, the company is working on a subcompact SUV that will sit below the current XC40 Recharge in the automaker’s lineup in terms of size and price.

Most likely called EX30, this small SUV could be based on the SEA platform which debuted last year with the introduction of the Zeekr 001, a hatchback from one of Geely’s other brands.

This platform, which benefits from an 800-volt architecture, is currently built in its dedicated factory in China, where the future Volvo SUV is likely to be built.

Due to its small size and the positioning of the Volvo brand in the United States and Canada, it is possible that the EX30 will not be sold in North America.

The other model that is due to be introduced by 2024 is a mid-size sedan which could replace the current S90. Possibly called ES90, this electric sedan could share some of its mechanicals with the Polestar 5, which will also be launched in 2024.

Similarly to the EX90, there are rumours that say the ES90 will not immediately replace the hybrid-powered S90. Indeed, many believe that the current XC90 and S90 will continue to be sold alongside their entirely electric counterparts for a number of years, possibly after receiving a substantial refresh.

The Australian executive also said that Volvo will introduce a new electric vehicle to the Australian market each year from 2025 to 2030.

This means that electric versions of the XC60, S60, and V60 could be created, alongside a number of new models, possibly smaller and more affordable, such as a 40 or 30 series subcompact sedan.


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