Monday, October 2, 2023
News Volvo will reveal the EM90, an electric minivan bound for China

Volvo will reveal the EM90, an electric minivan bound for China

  • Will Volvo be tempted to bring this EM90 to North America?

  • This new Volvo EM90 is related to the Zeekr 009 minivan.

  • This China-only minivan is strictly electric.


Volvo is renowned for its family cars, which it still offers today, even though most consumers prefer the “sport utility vehicle” type. Nowadays, SUVs, crossovers and other utility-type vehicles are available in so many sizes that it’s confusing.

On the other hand, minivans – which aren’t so much “mini” anymore – are all cut in the same mould – or nearly so – making it easier for consumers to look in this direction for their next vehicle.

2023 Zeekr 009 | Photo: Zeekr


This is also the case for the Zeekr 009, an all-electric minivan that has been on the Chinese market for just a few months now. The Zeekr division is owned by the Chinese giant Geely, which also owns of the Volvo brand.

Speaking of which, Volvo has just released this short video showing its latest creation for the Chinese market, the EM90 minivan. As you’ll have gathered, the Swedish manufacturer’s new minivan is closely related to the Zeekr 009. Its official presentation is scheduled for November 12.

2023 Zeekr 009 | Photo: Zeekr

For now, the only photo of this European-designed minivan is from a bird’s-eye view. Very few details stand out in this shot, but we can see the rear parking lights and the illuminated letters V-O-L-V-O in the center of the tailgate. It’s clear that this Volvo EM90 will retain the stature of the Zeekr 009 model, while the interior is likely to draw heavily on that of other Volvo vehicles.

We can therefore expect a Google environment in the central touchscreen, a steering wheel that’s pleasant to hold and very comfortable seats. Under the body, the pair of electric motors should in principle accompany the Volvo version of the minivan, meaning that power could hover around 536 hp.

2023 Zeekr 009 | Photo: Zeekr

Of course, this family-friendly unveiling is dedicated to Chinese territory, but you never know Volvo might be tempted to add the EM90 to its North American line-up. By the way, can the minivan format become “cool” again in the electric age?

It’s a question worth asking.

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