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News Volvo XC60 Sucessor: It should be Expected for 2024

Volvo XC60 Sucessor: It should be Expected for 2024

Volvo will replace the XC60 in 2024 with a new SUV that will be offered in electric or hybrid versions.

  • The XC60 is currently the best-selling model in the Volvo lineup

  • It will be replaced by a new SUV in 2024

  • The new model will offer a choice of electric or hybrid powertrains

Volvo revealed the first details about the upcoming SUV that will replace the XC60, its most popular model around the world.

The new SUV will be given an actual name, like the successor to the XC90, which will be called Embla when it arrives in 2023.

The XC60 replacement will share the same platform and the same mechanicals as the Embla, similarly to how the XC60 and XC90 use many identical components.

Another thing these models will have in common is styling, since they will both be inspired by the Recharge Concept that was shown last year. This is to say that both the Embla and the XC60 successor will adopt a more wagon-like shape as opposed to the slightly boxy look of the current models.

These two models will also be related to the upcoming Polestar 3, which will be a luxurious electric SUV and only the second model from the brand that will be aimed at the general public.

A lot of technologies will be common between these models, such as the Lidar-assisted autonomous driving features.

In terms of mechanicals, not much is known except that the new SUV will offer a choice between fully electric and hybrid powertrains. The hybrid will be the only choice at launch in 2024, with the electric variant joining in 2025. The current XC60 will likely not be retired at the same time due to its popularity, so it could be sold alongside the new model for a short period.

This is because despite Volvo’s efforts to electrify its lineup, only 6.5% of its global sales in 2021 were electric vehicles.

The arrival of more electric models will help the Swedish automaker to reach its goal of having 50% of its sales be EVs in 2025 and 100% in 2030.

Volvo Concept Recharge | Photo: Volvo

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