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NewsVW’s Scout Brand Now has a Website and Another Teaser

VW’s Scout Brand Now has a Website and Another Teaser

Volkswagen Group's Scout brand now has its own website, which is currently used to display teasers.

  • The first Scout electric SUVs will be launched in 2026.

  • The website hosts two teasers, including a new one that shows the front of the SUV.

  • The first Scout models will likely be reminiscent of the Scout made by International Harvester in the 70s.

Volkswagen wants to bring back the Scout name to use on a lineup of rugged electric SUVs, which have now been teased again.

Despite the introduction of the first model being planned only in 2026, Scout Motors already has its own website, which shows two teasers, including a new one.

This image unveils the general lines of the front end of what seems to be a fairly boxy SUV that will draw inspiration from the past, notably with its general shape and its ribbed hood.

This is not surprising since the Scout name is well-known among SUV and off-roading enthusiasts since it was used on a line of 4×4 early SUVs made by International Harvester between 1961 and 1980.

Scout Motors teaser | Photo: Scout

Since Volkswagen bought Navistar (the current name of International Harvester), it has the right to use the Scout name on its line of off-road focussed EVs.

Even the Scout badge will be inspired by the past since the brand’s logo on the website is the same as the one that was found on the trucks over 40 years ago.

In order to compete with the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Bronco as well as to make sure IH Scout enthusiasts are on board with the project, Volkswagen engineers met with prominent members of the classic Scout scene to discuss the new model’s characteristics.

It seems Scout EVs might not share much with other vehicles from the Volkswagen Group since they will probably be developed in part by Magna, a Canadian parts supplier that also builds the Fisker Ocean in Austria.

Volkswagen is expected to gradually release more and more details about the Scout brand and its future models in the coming years.

1979 International Scout II | Photo: GR Auto Gallery

Source: Autoblog


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