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NewsWant a Ram Truck With a Frame For Under $40k? Too Bad

Want a Ram Truck With a Frame For Under $40k? Too Bad

Ram nino for South America

  • Ram 1200 leaks ready for Latin America

  • Body-on-frame truck comes from Peugeot and China

Ram is building a new compact pickup truck. The Ram 1200 looks super cool and super practical, but once again will be breaking our hearts. The littlest Ram is offered in Mexico and expected to sell in South America, but it’s not likely for the U.S. and Canada.

News of the new Ram 1200 comes from AutoCosmos in Mexico. The site found plenty of leaked photos and information about the pickup truck, including the prices. Here’s what we know:

The Ram 1200 is based on the Peugeot Landtrek, a model the French automaker sells in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and some overseas French territories. The Landtrek is itself based on a Changan model from China, and the two models were developed and built together in Shenzhen.

While the Landtrek is only sold as a crew cab, the Ram 1200 will also be sold with regular and double-cab body styles. A work-truck version will be offered, along with fancier models for buyers who want some lux in their trucks.

The Ram 1200 will use the same 210 hp 2.4L turbo-four as the Landtrek, it’s a much modernized version of the engine Mitsubishi has used since the 1980s and has powered the Lancer Evolution. A six-speed stick and a six-speed automatic will be offered. The 1.9L and 2.2L diesels from the Landtrek werent’ mentioned.

AutoCosmos said that the Ram 1200 will undergo some changes compared to the models intended for Chinese markets. These include a payload of up to 1.2 tons and a max towing capacity of three tons.

Pricing for the Ram 1200 in Mexico is set to start from $444,900 pesos and run to $668,900. That’s a starting price of $36k Canadian (including sales tax) and a max of $55k. It’s not exactly peanuts, but it’s certainly cheaper than anything else body-on-frame. So what are you waiting for, Ram? Bring us the trucks!




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