Thursday, February 22, 2024
News Want an Unlimited-Mile EV Battery Warranty? Buy a Rimac

Want an Unlimited-Mile EV Battery Warranty? Buy a Rimac

Longer cover for Nevera

  • 1,888 hp hypercar gets a high-performance warranty

  • Will cover old and new cars

Supercars and reliability? Maybe it’s not such a stretch, as Rimac announces its electric hypercar is getting a warranty extention with unlimited miles covered.

The Rimac Nevera delivers 1,888 hp from its four liquid-cooled electric motors. Putting out that much power puts a big demand on the car’s 120 kWh battery pack. But Rimac is confident in the performance of that pack, and is ready to show its confidence by way of a longer warranty.

Rimac’s new battery warranty covers the pack for eight years and unlimited miles. The company initially offered just a one-year cover for the pack, so this makes a big improvement. It applies to both cars yet to be sold and to cars that have already been delivered. In case you were a worried existing owner.

The newly upgraded warranty covers not just the pack itself but also performance. Rimac says it will still have at least 75 percent of its initial capacity by the end of the warranty.

It’s not likely that many owners will put that many miles on their Neveras, but the warranty is nice to have. Regulations in much of the world demand an eight-year, 100,000-mile (or the equivalent in km) warranty, so it’s really the distance and not the time that is exceptional here.


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