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NewsWant the M5 Wagon in Canada? TELL BMW YOU DO!

Want the M5 Wagon in Canada? TELL BMW YOU DO!

Canada warns BMW that if they don’t, we know where they live

  • BMW asks Canadian wagon fans for their input

  • We’ll be spamming the site for the next few weeks

Do you want BMW to sell the next version of its V8 monster mid-sized M5 in Canada in wagon form? Then tell them you do. BMW Canada is launching a campaign that lets Canadians tell it that they do, in fact, want the 2025 BMW M5 Touring to go on sale in the land of Moose and Maple along with the latest version of the M5 sedan when that model goes on sale this year.

BMW is calling it the Leave Your Mark campaign, and it will have a presence on the company’s main website as well as its social media pages. The automaker’s Canadian management clearly wants the RS6-Avant-fighter to go on sale here, and is looking for an argument to bring home to Papa in Munich.

“We’ve received questions from our customers and seen the discussions about the M5 Touring online and wanted to create a platform to gather consumer sentiment and feedback. We’re encouraging Canadians to visit the Leave Your Mark campaign page and share whether they think BMW Canada should bring the vehicle to the Canadian market,” said Jonathan Thomson, Director of Brand Management at BMW Group Canada.

The BMW M5 has been on sale in Canada for all of its generations, but only as a sedan. Our country, though, has a thing for hot wagons instead of just crossovers and you can see that in models not sold in the U.S. including the Mercedes-Benz C43 estate that lived here for several extra years.

This comes off the heels of a since-corrected report that the car was already earmarked for Canada. That came directly from a BMW exec, but was later revised to say that it had been homologated for sale here, but no decision had been made.

Want the decision to get made? Here’s your chance. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to buy one, you might want to hit up the socials but also make a trip to your BMW dealer.



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