Thursday, August 6, 2020
News Woman Parks Hyundai In Tesla Spot, Freaks Out When Told To Move

Woman Parks Hyundai In Tesla Spot, Freaks Out When Told To Move

This woman checks all the Karen boxes.

  • A woman in a Hyundai Elantra throws a fit when asked to not park in a Tesla charging spot

A woman parked her Hyundai in a Tesla supercharger spot and got angry when told to move.

Actually, she told the person shooting the video to essentially kiss her butt, then proceeded to justify her parking spot by running through a list of people in her family who have died or recently been involved in a tragedy.

“I’m parking here because I am in the shade. I am waiting for someone who has been in a bike accident who is a the optometrist. He’s in bad shape. I personally have had a brother died of Alzheimer’s, I don’t need this stress. So, security can leave and I’ll park there, or I’ll park here because nobody is here”.

Karen throws a fit because she was told she can’t park in a reserved spot at a Tesla dealer from PublicFreakout

We recently took issue with the online bullying faced by a woman who couldn’t figure out how to fill her car up. We didn’t think the backlash and the hate she was getting was justified.

This isn’t the same thing at all. This woman is in the wrong and she simply took offense to being called out. Moreover, we’ve all had some kind of tragedy in our life and it’s sad. It doesn’t justify acting out in public or doing whatever we want.

Tesla owners can sometimes be entitled and a little overly proud of their new vehicle and the lifestyle that comes with it. But, that doesn’t mean other drivers shouldn’t leave them their supercharger spots and park elsewhere. We’ve seen cases of ICE-ing all over the web for years now, and this woman is no different.

It’s entitlement at its finest, and she should be ashamed of using family members who have been in accidents or died to justify her behavior.

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