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NewsYou’ll Soon Be Able to Ride a Rimac Roller-Coaster

You’ll Soon Be Able to Ride a Rimac Roller-Coaster

Europa-Park introduces Voltron Nevera, a record-breaking Rimac inspired roller-coaster in its new Croatia-themed area, offering an electrifying experience.


  • Europa-Park unveils its 14th roller coaster, Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac, set within the Croatia-themed section.

  • This coaster, a tribute to Nikola Tesla’s work, boasts a 1,385-meter length, making it Europe’s longest multi-launch ride.

  • With a striking 105-degree launch angle, nearly 300 stators, four launches, and seven inversions, it promises an exhilarating adventure.


Germany’s renowned Europa-Park has announced the official name of its 14th roller coaster as “Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac,” situated within the captivating backdrop of the park’s latest Croatia-themed section. This extraordinary roller coaster, a creation by Mack Rides, serves as a tribute to the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla in electricity, and its nomenclature takes inspiration from Mate Rimac, the esteemed CEO of Rimac Automobili, a well-regarded Croatian automotive manufacturer renowned for its groundbreaking Rimac Nevera electric sports car.

With an impressive length of 1,385 meters, the Voltron Nevera coaster claims distinction as Europe’s lengthiest multi-launch roller coaster. Its unique and thrilling feature is its staggering 105-degree launch angle, which stands as the steepest roller-coaster launch in the world. Adding to its allure, the coaster is fitted with almost 300 stators that empower the trains to achieve speeds of up to 90 km/h through a series of four launches, inclusive of a backward launch, accompanied by a sequence of seven inversions.

Drawing its design inspiration from the historic Wardenclyffe Tower, an emblem of Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmission ventures, the coaster station is both captivating and relevant in today’s electrified world. The collaboration between Europa-Park and Rimac reflects a seamless melding of shared vision, marked by an entrepreneurial spirit, a zest for acceleration, and an authentic connection to Croatia.

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Michael Mack, an integral figure within Europa-Park, expressed his enthusiasm for this creative partnership, emphasizing the harmony in vision between the entities. This coaster initiative assumes a heightened significance, signifying Europa-Park’s major roller coaster addition in over a decade. Set to be fully operational by 2024, it will be joined by a compelling 4D film produced by Mack Magic, slated to unveil the remarkable narrative of Nikola Tesla during the upcoming autumn season.

Rimac Nevera | Photo: Rimac

Mate Rimac expressed his admiration for the Mack family legacy and their innovative endeavors. The collaboration between Rimac and Europa-Park not only provides a platform for showcasing Rimac’s pioneering innovations but also serves as an opportunity to celebrate Croatia’s rich heritage and culture. The Croatia-themed of Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac holds a personal connection, as the inspiration behind this section, Miriam, is a proud Croat, underscoring the theme’s authenticity.


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