Sunday, January 23, 2022
News Zero Labs Plans to Make Your Classic an EV With New Platform

Zero Labs Plans to Make Your Classic an EV With New Platform

Make any classic a 600 hp AWD electric beast

  • Convert any classic to EV with configurable skateboard

  • Planning to launch in 2021

Another olive branch to automotive enthusiasts afraid of the future, Zero Labs is launching a new skateboard platform it says will let you make your classic electrified quickly and easily, adding modern electronics as well as suspension and braking while keeping the look that made the model so appealing in the first place.

Called simply The Platform, the idea is that it doesn’t take the place of pride once you’re done, it’s still a classic ride without the oily bits underneath. The chassis contains everything needed to turn a body on frame vehicle into an EV including independent suspension front and rear, batteries, regenerative braking, and two electric motors delivering 600 hp.

Currently, the company is planning 85 and 100 kWh battery options and say that the top battery will offer up to 380 km of electric range. Available suspension options include adjustable Fox Racing shocks or height-adjustable air ride.

Right now the company is targeting classic 4x4s, like the original first-generation Ford Bronco or Series III Land Rovers. They’re offering complete restoration services and the installation of the skateboard chassis, even a complete body of the Bronco from steel to carbon fibre.

While the initial focus is on off-roaders with Zero Labs doing the restoration and installation, the company says that the skateboard allows for easy wheelbase changes and that they’ll do any vehicle you want. Or send you just a platform for you to do your own conversion.

Pricing isn’t yet available, but the company expects to have the platform ready to go (along with pricing) sometime next year.

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