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NewsBMW Z4 Expected to be Cut in 2025. What About the Supra?

BMW Z4 Expected to be Cut in 2025. What About the Supra?

By the time the new BMW Z4 launched for the 2019 model, rumours of its demise were already circulating

  • Z4 sales have been abysmal since its revamp in 2018.

  • Toyota Supra sales have been far stronger.

  • Was the end of the Z4/Supra pre-planned?

There are no secrets here: The current BMW Z4 and A90 Toyota Supra are fraternal twins. The underpinnings, powertrains, and other components are shared by both cars although Toyota and BMW have infused some of their DNA in the final products. Now, it seems clear that the Z4 only has a few years left to live so does this mean the Supra will die too?

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Without any official confirmation, the answer is yes. Even though the Toyota Supra is selling relatively well in North America, its counterpart is not. In the US, roughly 2,500 Z4 are sold each year while about twice as many, on average, Supras leave dealer lots according to Top Speed.

In Europe, the BMW is doing much better whereas Toyota has had a hard time moving 1,000 per year. All told, it would seem that combined sales are making it difficult for BMW to justify a future generation.

While we like the Z4, the Supra is the car we’ll miss most if it too should perish. Toyota’s made efforts to once more deliver sports cars and rumours of the return of an MR2 and a Celica continue to circulate, it’s possible we’ll never see the “Three Brother” strategy happen. Having said that, 2025 is still about three years away.

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This is a story we will follow closely.

2022 Toyota GR Supra A91-CF Edition | Photo: Toyota


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